From humble beginnings, Entrepreneur and Business man, Terence Fillies started and grew Aerosol & Cosmetic Works into a well known Cosmetic & Toiletry Contract Manufacturing Company in the Western Cape.  The company started from his garage in 1992. The rapidly expanding client base and phenomenal growth lead to the business moving into a 250sqm factory shortly after and then again into a 500sqm factory. Currently, Aerosol & Cosmetic Works operates from a 3,500sqm factory in Beaconvale Cape Town, currently owned by partners Terence Fillies and Mark Woods. The company is continuously growing from strength to strength, and has expanded beyond its 3,500sqm; the company is renting premises of approximately 1,000sq meters in the surrounding area to house the extensive packaging range. The company provides employment to over 90 people from the surrounding community.

At Aerosol and Cosmetics, our scientists are specially trained to meet the demands of our clients to produce the highest quality custom formulations and/or duplicate existing products. From our onsite quality control and R & D laboratory to our GMP and SGS approved decentralized manufacturing facilities, we are equipped with state of the art machinery to assist our technical staff in producing our clients’ desired product(s).

The scientist in our R & D Department are specialized in utilizing the finest organic raw materials and herbal extracts to formulate products that meet our clients’ specifications and marketing goals.

Our philosophy is to manufacture high quality cutting edge products at competitive prices for our customers.

In that regard, we firmly believe that impressive packaging and advertising can initially sell a product, but it is only the quality of the product that constitutes the continuous consumption of it.