We manufacture a variety products and we can do in a variety of different sizes below to mentions a few:

  • Tube Filling – LDPE Tubing – Low Density Polyethylene is economical plastic material with good chemical resistance. LDPE provides high impact strength at low temperatures. Some advantages are cheap, good chemical resistance, high impact strength at low temperatures,
  • Shampoo – flip cap, variety of sizes from 100ml – 25lt, mainly filled in high density Polyethylene Oval bottle
  • Shea Butter Face toner – 30-50ml double wall natural jar
  • Baby Powder – Have a specialised powder filling facility, equipped to meeting high standard of quality and performance.
    Lotion – 750ml tear drop white bottle
  • All purpose Cleaner –
  • Foam Bath – 1 lt Boston PET cosmetic bottle
  • Doypack is a sachet with a bottom fold and a particular outlay of stiffening welds which create a modern and universal packaging. Its main advantages are: displaying the product in an upright position, a large surface for printing, a possibility of welding in a string closing or a topper, a price lower than that of alterative packaging systems.